Month: July 2016

Codecademy II

For those who are totally bored with the ever updating courses on Codecademy, here is a nice list of hidden courses and projects that you can do. Make sure to have fun! 🙂 Oh and React.js is on so you can start that too!

Become a better developer

I read some useful articles at times and this one on medium (freeCodeCamp) is very important. The article details how to become a better developer, but not the way you think. It is very important to stop sometimes and be structural and organised and not trying to study and know everything. Especially when a girl just…

How to land your first Software Developer job

Last night the kind and helpful Codebar with the collaboration of provided an awesome 2 hr session on how to tackle common problems when somebody outside/inside of the tech industry plans to get their first graduate/ junior developer role. Apart from how helpful they were and how cool and trendy the whole office is, we learnt…