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Second week @ Makers Academy

The second week pretty much just finished, and the third started without having much of a big breath in-between, to which I am more and more used to. Again, the task was, what it was (this time take away) and might have kinda completed but so many tests were missing, and had a pretty bad feeling, although spent the weekend in pry. Then today the gloomy clouds moved a bit as after review and refactoring it is kinda acceptable. But there is so much to learn. I have no idea how I can fit in reading extra books and learning logical tests for my interview on top of coding like 10 hrs a day (yes, weekend too). I started the “bible” (Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby) and I have the Design books on my list too, but I also wanted to make flash cards from concepts like how to refactor and how to write really nice code. So this is it so far, I am still enjoying it a lot, so despite being super overloaded and quite underslept I would do this again and again. This is what I love doing, and if I am happy to sacrifice some sleep for it, that is pretty much a big thing then 😀

To understand the sacrifice better, here is my spirit animal: