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Fifth week at Makers 

Week five arrived @ MA and is still on with different challenges and tasks to cover. First, we hit JavaScript & Jasmine and we hit it hard with diving into testing and redoing previous projects in the context of JS. I mean on Monday I was still deep in my chitter challenge and Ruby&Sinatra&Rspec and then Tuesday suddenly, go do fizzbuzz and a thermostat app with some weather API in JS. KTHXBYE! Quite surprising however that it was so much easier to swap and get used to it. It is scary how much your brain just gets used to absorb huge amounts of information in such a short time,  understand concepts,  the differences, and syntax.  But then again I love studying so this is not really a complaint! 😀 The 30 days of Vanilla JS challenge is on as well and it is absolutely my holiday plan to work on that. As it is to refactor all my previous repos and finish whichever challenge was not finished before. On the other hand, despite having a fun and only at times challenging week regarding code, I had to realize that even in London even at Makers some guys still think like it’s 1950 and women should just suck it up and not expect the same as men, like you know, do as your biology determines, whatever the heck that means for them, as they just wanted to let me know how much less I am. When I brought this topic to Codebar people and others it was so refreshing and reassuring to hear that most recruiters would indeed not hire such narrow-minded guys, in fact, they kinda prefer to hire women anyway, so there is that. (Go girls!). Quite frankly this sexism rubbish was building up for weeks, and always the same 2-3 people, so I had to do something. The amazing thing at Makers is that these issues were listened to, taken very seriously and now actions are being prepared and I am super looking forward to see how far we go with this. I mean I am involved in planning, they do want to know my insights, ideas how to tackle bullshit like this, and I am so ready for this. Even though I am just halfway there, It is such an important issue to change the tech scene (probably any scene if you ask me) and have more and more of an environment where people are respectful, tolerant,  supportive and partaking in gender equality and diversity issues. Because you know, this should be normal, not something we should still fight about and explain why we want the same options, treatment and rewards. However, I am quite aware of that this will annoy some, many, a lot who are in very privileged positions and make them feel, we are taking something from them, which is not the case, but as long as there are people thinking this way, we have to keep fighting. Meeting and talking to so many great people this week, who absolutely support this case made me feel so much better and in fact stronger.  If you ask me, a year ago not only could I not imagine to be able to code every day, all day, and be appreciated for this, but I also I could not imagine that I can just speak up, people listen to me, agree with me, I am not humiliated or punished for this, and things happen afterward. I think I am still living the dream and probably for a very long time, this feeling will stay with me. I think I am home finally.

Second week @ Makers Academy

The second week pretty much just finished, and the third started without having much of a big breath in-between, to which I am more and more used to. Again, the task was, what it was (this time take away) and might have kinda completed but so many tests were missing, and had a pretty bad feeling, although spent the weekend in pry. Then today the gloomy clouds moved a bit as after review and refactoring it is kinda acceptable. But there is so much to learn. I have no idea how I can fit in reading extra books and learning logical tests for my interview on top of coding like 10 hrs a day (yes, weekend too). I started the “bible” (Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby) and I have the Design books on my list too, but I also wanted to make flash cards from concepts like how to refactor and how to write really nice code. So this is it so far, I am still enjoying it a lot, so despite being super overloaded and quite underslept I would do this again and again. This is what I love doing, and if I am happy to sacrifice some sleep for it, that is pretty much a big thing then 😀

To understand the sacrifice better, here is my spirit animal:

Makers Academy – Precourse Week 1

Yesterday the first week of Makers PreCourse finished and I thought I share some of my experiences. First of, it was all about git, GitHub and the command line. Second, it was o much more, as I constantly had to fix my PC (yes, coding on Windows sucks) so I lost hours meanwhile trying to finish the task. Once I sorted the tracker and whatever else I needed it was a bit easier to proceed, but I think mainly because I did loads on Github already and I was halfway done with Git Immersion, so most things were not brand new (grep was kind of unused by me so I really enjoyed it). Plus the whole thing was about investigating and that is my fav kinda thing to do, a lot like coding but in a very fun way. Started Week2 just a few hours ago and I can feel that I got this, very excited to get on the actual course and rock Ruby and JS with awesome apps soon!

Makers Academy – ThoughtWorks

I clearly remember how excited and scared I was in May, when I was just contemplating the idea of applying for the ThoughtWorks & Makers Scholarship and how I will manage being unemployed for months and all that, but I applied anyway. Then studying began for the technical test at Makers, interview end of June and got accepted by mid-July, but I couldn’t afford the fee for Makers, so I was very sad and happy at the same time, as the scholarship was still open. Kinda heard things (gossip) about the scholarship criteria and was sure I won’t ever have a chance, even though I was sure I was definitely not a privileged one with the shittiest job and chances at that moment (having studied so much and trying so hard and in return not being appreciated at all, being paid so little while working at a psych ward where patients abuse you on a daily basis (my nose broke last May…), and management is the least supportive plus full of bullies – is no fun, if you like yourself just a bit, don’t do it, like ever!). So I was kind of really sad based on what I heard that I probably won’t make it.

Then  EMF camp happened and I was more hopeful and I met so many sweet and smart people. I wa splanning to apply for other coding bootcamps (Founders and Coders, their motto is amazing and what they do is also truly remarkable) and then I had a lovely email from ThoughtWorks. I was very hopeful again, but I still knew there was so much more to make it actually.

Soon after on the 1st of August CFG Summer Bootcamp started  and I was really excited to start building my media awareness app (still in progress, by mid next year I shall be done fully) so my mind was put off again.  On the 8th I had a really sweet phone chat with Jade from ThoughtWorks and we agreed on meeting in person, I was like jeez, crazy excited and scared at the same time, I mean this was THE OPPORTUNITY of my life. So I prepared for the interview as good as I could and hoped for the best. The actual interview (August 11) took around 2-2.5 hrs, and I enjoyed it more than any interview ever before. Everybody was so kind and interested in my story, why coding was like therapy for me, how I got to coding and why I was so passionate. From this point on things really sped up, they told me on spot that I won the lottery of my life and got the scholarship, i think I was in proper shock as I had to ask Jade to send me an email later so I believe it. I was shaking, tearful I couldn’t even talk properly and all I wanted to do is shouting and screaming in happiness, I am still having moments when I feel like this is all just a dream, but then I wake up and it is actually real.  I am sure this will stay the best day of my life for a very long time! Thank you ThoughtWorks  and Makers Academy! I am on the November cohort with Makers and in the following posts you can read about my adventures there.

The scholarship and the rest of the story can be found here.