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How to land your first Software Developer job

Last night the kind and helpful Codebar with the collaboration of Lostmy.name provided an awesome 2 hr session on how to tackle common problems when somebody outside/inside of the tech industry plans to get their first graduate/ junior developer role. Apart from how helpful they were and how cool and trendy the whole office is, we learnt a lot (and the pizza and corona!!). Everyone was giving great ideas and I personally loved the individual stories. As myself some ppl came from totally different backgrounds and it felt super encouraging to hear it is possible to make it. Especially when one does not have money for a bootcamp, or struggles to convince ppl that coding is possible without a school:(


  • Definitely work on your CV, have some summary, some lines about your projects, list your achievements, use a short but expressive design
  • Don’t exceed 2 pages and make sure you have a nice and tailored cover letter
  • An interview can take even a day, it has usually 3-4 bigger parts (phone interview, technical test/take home test/ personal interview / spending a few hours with the team etc, whiteboard exercise)
  • They want you to communicate, talk through the process
  • They don’t want perfect skills but a team player
  • Be eager to learn
  • Be curious and committed to the company’s goals and philosophy
  • Don’t be shy to ask
  • Or say you don’t know but you’ll look it up
  • Keep trying as it takes a while
  • Don’t give up! 🙂



Codebar <3

I just came home from my weekly (in this case the second this week) Codebar  meeting and I just need to write it down, put this into words that how amazing this community is, how great these people and companies are. Every Wednesday in the last two-three months I was at a Codebar meeting, learning loads really, all for free, meeting absolutely amazing and super smart, motivated people. Made so many friends!! On top of how great Codebar tutorials are and how much you can actually pick up based on working with a tutor, the whole thing is just superb.  See music down to try to express this vaguely.

For those who never heard of Codebar, this is an interactive and supportive environment in the frame of a weekly workshop, where coaches and students meet and learn together. Every time you can bring your code problem (and laptop!) and a coach will be assigned to you and maybe one other student, who might work on the same issue, and you can ask and ask and learn a lot. Since it is a non-profit organisation, everyone really really appreciates all the efforts, help and support, and people are super nice and keen to help. I once asked a coach, why helping and teaching for free. The answer was because code is cool and it is awesome to talk about it and discuss it, especially when you meet so many keen students.

Codebar in their own words: “Our goal is to enable underrepresented groups to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities. To achieve this, we run free weekly workshops, regular events and try to create opportunities for our students making technology and coding more accessible.”

So back to the evening that left me so full of happy emotions… The feels of figuring a code out on your own (just started Ruby literally last night so I have a chance to be a Makers student, and already wrote a few useful lines (thanks Conor!) shows how addictive this is.

So, I literally can’t wait till next time!

And to express even more; here is a song I listened to obsessively a few years ago (and I am still in deep love with), there is just something uplifting and absolutely beautiful about these Wednesdays (and Tuesdays!)!