This is me: Kornelia.



I am usually very happy, except when a code goes off and I can’t find my own typo. Then I’m a bit cross.



I studied psychology but I recently realised I like to write code and make websites more. So I’m teaching myself how to code and I attend lots of fun meetings, like Codebar and Code First: Girls meetups. My dream is to become a Full stack developer one day. But for now, I mess around with HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby and Python.

Hopefully, in the not that distant future I will be developing amazing psychology,  prevention apps and educational telehealth and mental health related apps in my spare time, you know, as a hobby. No, not mindfulness and yoga apps.  But something very cool.

I also love running, origami, pottery and watching quirky dark movies. I love coffee and dark chocolate. Oh and sleeping. My spirit animal is a sloth.