After a long break I am keen to keep refreshing this page and report on my recent learnings. In the meantime lots of things happened and at some point I will summarise these but for now, my two new favs: React and Redux.

React is basically a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Its best features are that React is declarative and component based so basically it helps you build your app like you were playing with legos. Redux is on the other hand a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Why is this cool? Well your apps will behave consistently, run in different environments and you can test fairly easily.

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These two do not necessary go always together however they both are pretty cool. So first things first, where to learn them:

I was long waiting for my first WesBos course and I can say, it was a big mistake, as these courses are well worth every penny and some are totally free so, please a give a go and get some React and Redux under your sleeve today.

In an upcoming post I will detail some more of his courses as I am pretty addicted at the moment 🙂