Soooooo it’s been a while yeah?

I am back from India (TWU) and after 5 weeks of massive Java brain wash I will be frank but I still love Ruby & Python most <3 However!

I can see why Java is so powerful and I am totally open minded to put our relationship on new, solid grounds but for a while, I will run back and seek comfort in Ruby. In this case, getting ready and doing some work for our microservices conference ( and building a simple, lightweight backend, Sinatra in this case.  Since it has been a while, I myself needed a lot of revisiting and although I am a strong advocator of free courses here (hence the whole blog really) I have to say, came to save me again. In a short few hours, I am back on top with my Ruby skills, which is a bliss. In case you do not wish to pay for their courses, I am planning to have a short recap of each and every course I finish in the upcoming weeks, so if you are keen ->

Just look for the tutorial and Lynda keywords. Of course for a more comprehensive summary, there is always Ruby Monstas. 

Anyhow, it is amazing to back in London and do a bit freestyle in the office. I feel truly lucky, the whole journey, people I met in the last 2 months, I just don’t know when was the last time I was so happy and content with my life. So yeah, you know, keep on coding and hug a developer or something.