Third and fourth week @ Makers

The last 2 weeks were pretty intense, to be frank, I heard people saying how their lives just turned upside down, but to also experience this, that takes a whole person. Week 3 was pretty cool, to be honest, except when my post was due, my life just kind of fell apart, you know how it is, I don’t ever seem to have it easy, however, this time I also seem indestructible which is quite reassuring. In the middle of a personal shitstorm I powered through the week and despite week 4 being super difficult, I did not lose my hope. Week 3 was pretty much the web and making pretty and functioning things on the web that used a lot of things we learned so far, not just testing, ruby and the web but to put all this into use, understand how a request is sent, how to separate out tasks and create a model/controller set up. On week 4 this confidence we gained with finishing the tasks first time in our studies at Makers (yes, finishing is not the goal, tell this to my maximalist self), so all this confidence was pretty much gone by Friday. Highlight of the week was however some Magic! But back to week 4, we were pretty much thrown into deep water again, building even more complex things, with login, password and co. . On the weekend we were supposed to build Twitter beta, which pretty much left everybody but probably our only cohort member (who seems to know everything and his ego reflects this too, not the most pleasant pair partner to be frank) shattered. Kind of like this: 


So a bit scared of week 5 and what more is coming, but hell I still love coding, even more in fact. Something must be wrong with me, as despite all failings I felt code was my savior, my therapy this week. I feel I have a purpose again when I am building something, and this means just so much right now. Stay tuned, more posts are coming.

Peace out.

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