First week @ Makers Academy 

The first actual week is over at Makers and I’m overwhelmed with emotions and all the learning we did this week. Not only feel I super grateful for ThoughtWorks for giving me this opportunity but also that I can finally do all day what I love!! => !!_code_!! 

 Everyone is super sweet and helpful and this is just really heartwarming. Although I did for a year pair programming at Codebar,  the experience is so much more different at Makers and I love it.  I was scared how this all will turn out and how do I learn anything,  but it turns out to be brilliant and super effective. I totally recommend it! Regarding code we spent the week with fizzbuzz and TDD and learning to do tests before writing code,  which is still pretty hard to do sometimes. Learnt a lot about myself too,  how impatient and mean I can be with myself,  not appreciating that learning isn’t a race, or just about how far I got in the project but hey, I’m getting there. At the same time I feel like my brain is exploding from all the knowledge we had to shove in and morning code practice,  stand ups and retros. Oh and we’ve got homework, and that is something I didn’t expect but super glad as I feel I really need to keep coding to keep this all up. So I’m sitting on a roller coaster all the time and actually loving the experience but I find myself screaming and panicking at time,  however I would never get off,  the ride is way to fun.