Code First: Girls

Code First: Girls are amazing. They are not only a great organization to support women to get into tech but also a superb community. I attend a lot of meet ups and workshops organized by them and I cannot say this enough times how thankful I am to have them help me. I finished their beginners course (HTML, CSS, tiny bit of JS, Bootstrap and a bit jQuery) and advanced course in Python (@Twitter oh yeah!), met so many great instructors and students with brilliant ideas and minds. They give you guidance if you feel lost and their workshops are truly amazing. Last time I was with CFG at Thoughtworks, learning about UX design. They have courses for beginners or for people who want to get some insights into Python or Ruby.  So if you are planning to get into webdev and write some code, look at their courses and apply! 



Ruby Monk

Recently I started learning Ruby and I struggled to understand some concepts, so I turned to my old friend Google, who rewarded me with Ruby Monk. Another great and free site where you can learn to code and practice the code on the screen, in the console. So if you don’t want to struggle setting it up on your laptop or you cannot, this is a good start. Explains concepts clearly and can be a good addition for a book or other resources. I find it that the more somebody explains the same thing, the better I understand, mainly because every site has a bit different approach and that gives so many perspectives. So go on and try Ruby Monk if you are hooked up on Ruby like me! ruby_312068