Month: May 2016

Codebar <3

I just came home from my weekly (in this case the second this week) Codebar  meeting and I just need to write it down, put this into words that how amazing this community is, how great these people and companies are. Every Wednesday in the last two-three months I was at a Codebar meeting, learning loads…

The Odin Project

I was looking up reviews about Free Code Camp to give you guys some more prospects, not just the content and what you can learn there, when I found out about the Odin project, where you can learn Web Dev skills, also fro free. (How amazing that is!!) The website and the program seem well structured,…

Amazing resources for free programming books

Here you can find an excessive list of free programming books. Some great materials there! Go, write some code!

Useful article on coding for beginners

I just recently stumbled across this article that describes basic coding terms for beginners. Very simple and clear explanations. Must read for everyone who wants to dive into code. A coding mindset is not something that comes easy but definitely doable and learnable.


Best starter website (after Khan Academy of course..). Loads of content, option to use it for free or be a Pro and get even more resources. Perfect start. They have the beginner level of the following languages so far: HTML & CSS , JavaScript,  jQuery,  PHP,  Python,  Ruby and to learn to build professional websites and…

It all started

… with a joke. A year ago I was desperate to change and find something new and had no idea I can actually teach myself coding. It was all a joke a year ago we made as desperate psychologist. And now well now you will see I’m so much further.